Rita Hayworth Films

Film Year Character
Anna Case with the Dancing Cansinos 1926 A Dancing Cansino (uncredited)
Fiesta, La (uncredited) 1926 Dancing child
Cruz Diablo (uncredited)
aka Devil’s Cross, The
1934 Extra
In Caliente 1935 (scenes deleted)
Under the Pampas Moon 1935 (as Rita Cansino) Carmen
Dante’s Inferno 1935 (as Rita Cansino) Dancer
Paddy O’Day 1935 (as Rita Cansino) Tamara Petrovitch
Charlie Chan in Egypt 1936 (as Rita Cansino) Nayda
Human Cargo 1936 (as Rita Cansino) Carmen Zoro
AKA Lady from Frisco (USA: reissue title)
AKA Treason (UK)
1936 (as Rita Cansino) Paula Castillo
Meet Nero Wolfe 1936 (as Rita Cansino) Maria Maringola
Dancing Pirate 1937
Old Louisiana
AKA Louisiana Gal
1937 (as Rita Cansino) Angela Gonzales
Hit the Saddle 1937 (as Rita Cansino) Rita
Trouble in Texas 1937 (as Rita Cansino) Carmen Serano
Game That Kills, The 1937 Betty Holland
Shadow, The
AKA Circus Shadow, The (UK)
1937 Mary Gillespie
Paid To Dance 1937 Betty Morgan
Life Begins with Love 1937 Girlfriend
Girls Can Play 1937 Sue Collins
Criminals of the Air
AKA Honeymoon Pilot (preview title)
1937 Rita
Who Killed Gail Preston? 1938 Gail Preston
There’s Always a Woman 1938 Mary, Ketterling’s Secretary
Convicted 1938 Jerry Wheeler
Renegade Ranger, The 1938 Judith Alvarez
Juvenile Court 1938 Marcia Adams
Lone Wolf Spy Hunt, The
AKA Lone Wolf’s Daughter, The (UK)
1939 Karen
Only Angels Have Wings 1939 Judy McPherson
Special Inspector 1939 Patricia Lane
Homicide Bureau 1939 J.G. Bliss
Blondie on a Budget 1940 Joan Forrester
Music in My Heart 1940 Patricia O’Malley
Susan and God
AKA Gay Mrs. Trexel, The (UK)
1940 Leonora Stubbs
Lady in Question, The
AKA Jean Renie
1940 Natalie Roguin
Angels Over Broadway 1940 Nina Barone
Blood and Sand 1941 Dona Sol des Muire
You’ll Never Get Rich 1941 Sheila Winthrop
Strawberry Blonde, The 1941 Virginia Brush
Affectionately Yours 1941 Irene Malcolm
My Gal Sal 1942 Sally Elliott
Tales of Manhattan 1942 Ethel Halloway
You Were Never Lovelier 1942 Marcia Acuna
Show Business at War
AKA March of Time Volume IX, Issue 10, The
1943 Herself
Cover Girl 1944 Maribelle Hicks/Rusty Parker
Tonight and Every Night 1945 Rosalind “Roz” Bruce
Gilda 1946 Gilda
Down to Earth 1947 Terpsichore/Kitty Pendleton
Lady from Shanghai, The 1948 Elsa “Rosalie” Bannister
Loves of Carmen, The 1948 Carmen Garcia
Affair in Trinidad 1952 Chris Emery
Champagne Safari
AKA Safari So Good
AKA Salome: The Dance of the Seven Veils (USA)
1953 Princess Salome
Miss Sadie Thompson 1953 Sadie Thompson
Pal Joey 1957 Vera Simpson
Fire Down Below 1957 Irena
Separate Tables (1958) 1958 Ann Shankland
They Came to Cordura 1959 Adelaide Geary
Story on Page One, The 1959 Jo Morris
Happy Thieves, The 1962 Eve Lewis
Lykke og krone 1962  
Circus World
AKA Magnificent Showman, The (UK)
AKA Samuel Bronston’s Circus World
1964 Lili Alfredo
Love Goddesses, The
AKA Love Goddesses: A History of Sex in the Cinema, The
1965 Herself
Money Trap, The 1965 Rosalie Kelly
Poppies Are Also Flowers
AKA Danger Grows Wild (UK)
AKA Opium Connection, The
AKA Poppy Is Also a Flower, The (USA)
1966 Monique Markos
Avventuriero, L’
AKA Rover, The
1967 Aunt Caterina
Bastardi, I
AKA Cats, The
AKA Sons of Satan
1968 Martha
Road to Salina
AKA Quando il sole scotta (Italy)
AKA Route de Salina, La
AKA Sur la route de Salina (France)
1971 Mara
Naked Zoo, The
AKA Grove, The
AKA Hallucinators, The
1971 Mrs. Golden
Wrath of God, The 1972 Senora De La Plata
That’s Action 1977 Herself
1950’s: Music, Memories & Milestones, The (1988) (V) 1994 (archive footage) Herself
Mina Tannenbaum 1994 (uncredited) (archive footage) Gilda
“Fifties, The” (mini) TV Series 1997 (archive footage) (uncredited) Sadie Thompson
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