Diana Dors Biography

Diana Dors, a gorgeous blonde actress from Britain, will forever be known for her billing as “The English Marilyn Monroe.” However Diana began her career long before Marilyn, and proved to be a fine actress although often cast as a “gold digging” blonde. Her film acting career, which began in the 1940’s lasted well into the 1980’s.

Diana Dors was born Mavis Fluck, on October 23, 1931 in Swindon, England to her parents Peter and Mary. Suffering a terrible birth, Diana nearly died.

Starting her career at age 13 as a pin up girl, she accepted her first film contract at the age of 15 with J. Arthur Rank. It was after her debut in The Shop at Sly Corner that her career began to move very quickly. She quickly became one of Britain’s hottest film stars and hot commodities, well through the 50s and 60s.

In later years, Diana really blossomed as an actress when she was no longer playing the sexy sirens she had in her early days.

One of Diana’s later cameo performances takes place in New Wave/Pop Star Adam Ant’s video for Prince Charming, where she appears as his fairy Godmother.

Diana died in Windsor, England on May 4, 1984 of cancer. The loss to many Britains was that of losing a friend, not just another starlet.

Culled from the IMDB Biography of Diana Dors.
For a very detailed biography of Diana Dors, please visit Only a Whisper Away

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