Betty Grable TV Appearances

Show Date Also starred Numbers performed Network Notes
Shower of Stars June 5, 1955 Edgar Bergen
Dan Dailey
? ? Variety show
1st aired
Shower of Stars 1955 Ed Wynn
Groucho Marx
Harry James
Danny Thomas
? ? Variety show
5th aired
Shower of Stars 1955 Harry James Unable to perform because of sprained ankle. Betty recommends chorus girl Shirley Maclaine to take her part. ? Variety show
3rd aired
Cleopatra Jones March 1956 ? ? NBC Filmed in color.
Televised live fromthe El Rancho in Las Vegas
The Road to Hollywood June 1956 Bob Hope
Dorothy Lamour
Marilyn Maxwell
Jane Russell
? ? ?
Twentieth Century 1956 Orson Welles ? ? Ford Star Jubilee production
Do You Trust Your Wife 1957 ? ? CBS ?
Chevy Show 1957 Bob Hope ? ? ?
Dinah Shore Show 1957 ? Let Me Entertain You ? “Helen of Troy” dance number with oiled up muscle men ala Mae West
Jerry Lewis Show 1958 ? ? NBC ?
Lucy & Desi Comedy Hour 1958 Lucille Ball
Desi Arnez
Harry James
? ? ?
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