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Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Information

Q: How can I link to you? Do you have a banner?
You can find a banner and code for linking to the Bombshells site here.

Q: Why don’t you have [name of some actress from the 1930’s – 1950’s on the site?
This site is dedicated to actresses that are part of my personal collection, so I probably don’t have any. Let me recommend a few other sites to visit including the excellent Classic Movies site or Reel Classics site. If you have photos or stories that you would like to contribute, please contact me. I’d love to have a collaborator.

Q: I am working on a paper and I need to interview someone who knows a lot about (name of an actress on Bombshells usually Marilyn Monroe). Can I interview you?
I am really sorry. I just can’t. I have so many constraints on my time these days.

Q: Will you sell me (description of picture)? Or where can I buy these pictures?
I don’t sell pictures, I am a collector and have been for many years. Try going to sites that specifically sell celebrity photos like AllPosters or eBay. Also, check my links, there are other sites listed there.

Q: Can I copy one of the images on your site to use for my term paper, website, publication or personal use?
Please read my guidelines for using material from this site. I do prefer that you do not copy the images and will not support any questions about how to copy pictures. Sorry.

Q: I am interested in advertising my company on Bombshells. How can I do this?
We have created a page of advertising information for you. Read it over and feel free to drop us a note with any further questions that you have.

Q: I have a piece of memorabilia and want to know if you can tell me what it is worth and if you want to buy it.
Sorry, Bombshells.Com is not an appraisal service. Please contact an antique dealer for values on your collectibles.

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